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Tim Miller

Tim Miller is a highly professional real estate broker with a laid-back attitude that is sure to make any client feel comfortable and unpressured. Specializing in residential home sales, Tim is at home in every environment; from the historic town of Manitou Springs, to Colorado’s lush Black Forest. His positivity, perseverance, and personal commitment to his clients is unparalleled in the Colorado Springs region, and his clients’ trust in him is evident in every smile throughout each successful transaction.
Since he was a young boy in the suburbs of Chicago, Tim has always been an empathetic and creative individual, and his ability to think outside the box is immediately evident; finding innovative solutions to complex problems, and bringing simplicity and peace of mind to his clients. He is a part-time professional bass guitarist of seventeen years and, through his understanding of musical harmonization, he clearly demonstrates that attentive listening is the best way to understand each of his clients’ unique situation so that he can make the often overwhelming experience of buying or selling a home a pleasurable one.