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To anyone interested in Jose’s services,
To say the least, Jose Medina is a model real estate agent; truly the definition of a professional who thoroughly understands his industry. Trust me when I say that you want this man and his team to guide you through the home-buying process.
Upon meeting him, my wife (Kristina) and I were confronted with a very different home-buying experience than we had ever had in the past… In fact, it was so simple and easy, that I will recommend his services to anyone who might be interested in purchasing a new home (or even just getting out of a less-than-favorable rental situation, like Kristina and I did).
He was very respectful of our opinions, and always listened very attentively to all of our needs and wants. There was no hidden agenda, no unnecessary pressure, and a completely non-judgmental atmosphere that he created for us. To make a long story short, Jose Medina and his associates were an INVALUABLE asset to our home-buying journey, and we will continue to utilize his services and expertise in future real estate transactions.