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J. S.

Buying a house while simultaneously selling a house seemed like a nearly impossible task, but it was fast and relatively easy with Jose and his team on the job. Everything went smoothly and right on schedule.

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G. Alexander

Jose made it easy to rate him a 5 star Real Estate agent! He has been the most knowledgeable and professional agent I have ever worked with, he literally wrote the book on home buying in Colorado Springs! Buying and selling your home can be a s...

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T. Miller

To anyone interested in Jose's services, To say the least, Jose Medina is a model real estate agent; truly the definition of a professional who thoroughly understands his industry. Trust me when I say that you want this man and his team to gui...

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K. La Plante

Jose and his team are amazing!!!! They pushed and challenged me just the right ways. I am so happy I choose Jose to help me find my new home.

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M. Thrall

Loved working with jose on buying our first home. He took videos of the house and sent them to us as we were out of state. He made our transition to Colorado Springs stress free! Excited to work with him again on selling and buying our second h...

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C. Rickerman

I had an awesome experience with Jose. He is an amazing realtor that will make you laugh and find your perfect home. He really does care about finding your perfect home, not just about a sale. Thanks again!

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The Pollards

Jose, and team were amazing, attentive, and active through out the entire process. We appreciated their excellence in the business that was wrapped in relationship building. They handled our unique situation with no regard for their own inconve...

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G & S Lewis

Jose and his team are the best! They are experts in all aspects of the home buying/selling process and it was truly a pleasure to work with them. I believe Jose's expertise in current market status and trends,etc. also helped us sell our home w...

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S & A Ho

This is the second time we've used Jose and I can't recommend him highly enough. The first time we moved to Colorado springs, we had no idea what to expect and only knew that he was highly recommended by word of mouth. He immediately got to kno...

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