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Andrea Morgan

I’m a native of New York State with a Master’s in Education, extensive experience in coordinating tech departments and customer service along with coordination of compliance procedures in several industries. I’ve specialized in closing the gap between the technical management of data, and translating it into useful procedure.

As a Systems and Data Management Specialist, I’ve brought more organization and coordination to the team. It’s my goal to help bring up a system that practically runs itself so our Associates can focus on the Clients and their needs. I take a service-driven approach to management of people because management at its core should be service and support.

As our Associates then support our Clients, our Clients should never have to think about what we need, what we are doing, how we are doing; Our services are bout them, and not us.

In the process of chasing that goal I’ve learned I don’t have to worry about using a career to earn my income. All I need to do is chase my Integrity. My Integrity itself will pay me.